About us

We help companies drive revenue growth by developing their ability to build, sell and deliver, customer value in an efficient way. We work in four main dimensions – Strategy, Value-based sales, Full value chain efficiency and Transformation/Execution. We work with your organization to build ownership and abilities to secure alignment, ability and full ownership in the organization upon delivery.

We combine competence in several functional areas to secure a cross-functional implementation through company wide collaboration and alignment.

“Managed to gather all the competence in the company to capture new business”

Our delivery model is either through consulting assignments or interim assignments.

We work close to our customers to understand all aspects of their challenges and create holistic solutions that work in their environment.

“Fast to understand our challenges and efficient in addressing them – we got more value than we bargained for.”

Hans Sjöström has over 30 years of experience from leading positions in both large global industrial companies, and management consulting firms. Hans has a background from companies such as Scandevo Management, Finnveden Metal Structures and from SKF where he has held several senior positions over 25 years. He currently acts as an independent Management Consultant and Advisor to companies and boards.

Hans, industry focus over the years has been Automotive, Industrial products and Process industry. Over the course of his career, he has been operating in a global and multicultural context and held senior positions in R&D, Market and Sales, Purchasing and Supply chain, Sustainability, Digitalization, Programs/Projects and General Management

Hans supports customers with business focused organization development and transformation. This includes, strategy (development and deployment), business development (New business, value-based sales, training and coaching), organization development (structure, processes and supply-chain efficiency), leadership (general and change related) and transformation execution (projects and programs). The delivery model is either through consulting or interim management depending on customer preference and assignment nature.

Hans has, over the course of his career, built 3 new business units from idea to globally established operations as well as increased operational efficiency in established businesses. With his broad functional experience, he has a strong ability to gather cross-functional teams to create momentum and empowerment in any initiative. 

Customer voices usually define Hans as a doer with strategic and holistic competence with the ability to gather teams to drive new initiatives or restart existing stalled projects in an efficient and effective way.